A Network of Luxury Health Club and Spa
A Network of Luxury Health Club and Spa

Network of luxury Health Club & Spa

Ozi Gym & Spa is a growing chain of premium Fitness Club operating in North India known for keeping its members fit for more than two decades. Located in the elite locations of Chandigarh, Mohali & Hisar the Fitness Center has more than 10,000 sq.ft. of interiors that are immaculately divided into cardio, strength, spa, assessment, and studio and lobby areas.

Its been 4 months now and I have lost 20kgs its all due to the supportive trainers specially SarvNoor Singh Rahi i who has helped me out in my training telling me all the correct forms and also educating me about supplements

Kumar Prabhav

Its been abut 2 months in ozi gyn sector 40 i really lykd the environment which is present in d gym

Gourav Verma

I am working out in Ozi gym sec-40, under personal training of prashant sir. No one motivated me like he did. I call him guru ji, coz he is the combo of good knowledge and communication skills. Cheers to Ozi and prashant guru ji.

Nisha Arora

Have been gymming from past 4 years with some good names in the tricity but as i joined ozi mohali last year my perception about gym literally changed... The environment ,faculty, safe environment for women the ambience „the knowledge that mr naughty gaurav sir and others carry is a magnet for all to stay motivated and dedicAted and yes how can i forget the boot camps„.keep up the name oziAnnss

Sandhya Lamba

Healthy environment, specialised trainers.. But most importantly gym works when you have someone on head as a trainer to motivate and guid you well .. Every trainer is with good skills and effective knowledge but when its come to motivational pump and best use of knowledge in the field you are the one of the best trainer I ever met sir #savioursingh . Because a trainer can apply his/her experiance on Us but Some Special one have guts to share it .. You are one of them .. So Keep guiding us .. Thank you

Saurabh Sharma

You only need to visit once then You will be a part of here... Gym ,Spa & Ozi Gym 9 Phase Mohali.the best in tricity

Harjot Tiwana

I absolutely love this place and its really hygienic and family like gym ! The best thing about the gym is its hospitality, the trainers show a great zeal and enthusiasm towards their clients. Best place to keep yourself fit & to live long, happy & Healthy life. Especially ,Thanks to Mr VIVEK ,Mr NARINDER (Excellent Trainer+Great Motivator) my trainers they are really helping me to achieve my goals :-) Last but not the least especial thanks to Mr RAVI a very cheerful and helpful personality, always greet with smile :-)

Navneet Kaur Sidhu

"I have never looked forward to going to a gym until I joined Ozi Gym & Spa - and my enthusiasm is beginning to show in my physique!"

Satinder Singh, Mohali

“It’s encouraging to see people at all fitness levels working out under the same roof. Ozi Gym & Spa is in my backyard, there is no excuse not to go!”

Dinesh Bhardwaj, Chandigarh

"Within 6 short months I’m now in the best shape of my life and I’m even wearing the same size pants I wore back in high school. Thanks Ozi Gym & Spa – I couldn’t have done it without your help!"

Praveen, panchkula

"Not your typical, boring gym! I have never been to a gym with such attentive staff, it truly makes a difference for me."

Sakshi, Chandigarh

"Ozi Gym & Spa has completely changed the way I exercise. The classes are great. The trainers and staff are super helpful. Plus the people I've met at the gym are amazing; I've made a ton of friends since I joined over five years ago. You can't beat the atmosphere; it's the best gym in the city."

Nisha Ahuja, Mohali

Tips of the Day

A study from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) found that subjects who took ALA, creatine and sucrose right after a workout increased muscle creatine levels significantly more than those taking creatine and sucrose or creatine only.

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